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Our expertise lies in what

most CPAs don't focus on 

"tax credits"

How We Maximize

ERC Fundings for Our Clients

Many of our referrals come directly from CPAs who understand their clients require specialized assistance with their payroll needs, especially when dealing with the complicated ERC tax process.

Decades of payroll and tax experience have uniquely positioned us to help you! We can exclusively focus on maximizing your ERC funds for your business that you are entitled to, saving you time and money in the process.

Consultation &
eligibility check
Review of documents &
File your ERC
to the IRS
Receive your
ERC claim

Our 4-step process

Our monitoring calls to the IRS provide regular updates on your case while you are waiting for your check. 

After receiving your ERC check, we will provide you with a final package, which will include guidelines for filing federal income tax returns.

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Our Success Stories

28 employees

Total claim amount: $225,800

Simi Valley, CA

Sushi Restaurant

38 employees

Total claim amount: $765,900

Orange, CA

Hospice Care Center

31 employees

Total claim amount: $512,300

Los Angeles, CA

Apparel Wholesale

31 employees

Total claim amount: $512,300

Orange, CA

Hospice Center

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