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We specialize in helping various sizes of businesses receive their maximum

tax refunds through the Employee Retention Credit program (ERC) and the Self Employed Tax Credit Program (SETC)

Receive up for your business!

Your personal tax credit consultant firm to help your business thrive!

What is the ERC?

The ERC is the Employee Retention Tax Credit that is under the CARES Act and is the largest government stimulus program to date that encourages businesses to keep their employees on payroll.

This refund is offering up to $26,000 in tax credits per eligible employee for businesses and tax-exempt organizations that had W-2 employees and were effected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Full or partial shutdown(s) due to a government mandate

  • Restrictions on the number of people you can have in a building room

  • Inability to attend normal professional conferences or other networking events

  • Disruption to your sales force's ability to perform

  • Supply chain interruptions

  • Inability to access equipments

  • Inability to work with certain vendors

  • Required to reduce your hours of operation

  • Shortened hours for sanitation within your facility

How do I qualify?


Have more questions?

Our team of ERC specialists have helped thousands of clients from different industries and achieved remarkable success rates.

Experienced Specialists

We stay updated with the IRS guidelines through a daily monitoring system to help you get the full refund you deserve.

Expertise in ERC & SETC

We do it all - consultation, eligibility review, calculation, application submission, monitoring, and tax amendments after you get your ERC check.

All in One Service

Even after you receive your ERC, we provide a "Final Package" which includes our calculations and tax amendment guidelines.

Above & Beyond Service

Our specialists ensure you receive the maximum tax credit amount through our vast experience in different industries within the IRS guideline.

Tax Credits

We are not only a company that exists online, but we invite you to come in for an in-person consultation. Our office is located in Fullerton, California.

Real People

Why Upper Partners

I didn't even know this program existed! At first I was a bit confused as to what the ERC was... but after getting referred to Upper Partners they explained everything to me and made the process so easy!

Hyun Park

Commack, NY

Although it took while to get the checks, Upper Partners was always following up with the IRS about my case and made sure I stayed updated. After a couple of months, I finally received everything they claimed I would get! Thank you Upper Partners!

David Lee

Anaheim, CA

COVID was really rough on my business and I received the PPP but I was still struggling. I didn't think I could receive the ERC but a friend of mine referred me to Upper Partners. All the team members were helpful and stayed in contact with me until I got my check. I would highly recommend Upper Partner as a source to navigate the ERC process.

Charles Ahn

Los Angeles, CA

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